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Love, never miss: Hermes Arceau Date Asymmetry Replica Watch REF AR8670220M/HA

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Hermes is an important indicator of the fashion world. The design concept of the brand is always straight to the heart making the customer love it at a glance.

Arceau collection watch overview
The Arceau watch collection is a tribute to Hermes, and in the past, it has introduced a variety of elegant styles for men or women. This collection is a classic of the brand designer Henri d’Origny in 1978, which is inspired by the equestrian world from Hermes.

Extraordinary creativity is reflected in the design of the stables into the watch. A horse-shaped lug appears in the upper part of the round case making the watch looks a bit asymmetrical, and the Arab numerals on the dial tend to tilt towards the center of the watch. The number 6 contrasts with the inverted numbers on both sides that is quite funny. This traditional design cuts the watch into a playful feeling. And the completely different creativity also shows the artistic sense that Hermes pursues in design.

Listen to me to introduce this is interesting. Then let’s take a closer look at this clone Hermes Arceau rose gold watch REF AR8670220M/HA.

As watches, especially men watches pay more attention to quality and taste. In order to highlight the gentleman and personality of men, this watch has a rose gold case. Due to the rose gold polished case, it looks more elegant. Moreover, compared to those in stainless steel, the watch is more casual and easier to wear.

The lantern shape crown work looks very delicate. The perfect polished pattern adds just the right amount of friction making it comfortable and easier to use. Dark brown Genuine Leather strap, with the white stitching is more popular. With the painting of the brand, the screw-down watch back seems that it is a safe place to protect the movement.

Half-circle lug (the horse-shaped lugs) is only at the upper part of the watch. This asymmetrical lug is a feature of the series adding to the appeal of the watch.

Tips on the Beauty of Asymmetric
Broken arm of Venus

It is said that people can later restore the broken arms of Venus to the original, but they did not. Due to the beauty of the broken arm, people are truly aware of the ingenuity of this artwork. Just as Roland’s famous statue, when his friend visited his studio who only paid attention to and praised the hands of the statue. He resolutely broke the hands of statue and said, “The real beauty can’t let the eyes focus on only one point”. Incomplete, asymmetrical, perhaps the true meaning of art. Hermes is the brand that brings this beauty to the right point.

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