Hermes is an important indicator of the fashion world. The design concept of the brand is always straight to the heart making the customer love it at a glance.

Arceau collection watch overview
The Arceau watch collection is a tribute to Hermes, and in the past, it has introduced a variety of elegant styles for men or women. This collection is a classic of the brand designer Henri d’Origny in 1978, which is inspired by the equestrian world from Hermes.

Extraordinary creativity is reflected in the design of the stables into the watch. A horse-shaped lug appears in the upper part of the round case making the watch looks a bit asymmetrical, and the Arab numerals on the dial tend to tilt towards the center of the watch. The number 6 contrasts with the inverted numbers on both sides that is quite funny. This traditional design cuts the watch into a playful feeling. And the completely different creativity also shows the artistic sense that Hermes pursues in design.

Listen to me to introduce this is interesting. Then let’s take a closer look at this clone Hermes Arceau rose gold watch REF AR8670220M/HA.

As watches, especially men watches pay more attention to quality and taste. In order to highlight the gentleman and personality of men, this watch has a rose gold case. Due to the rose gold polished case, it looks more elegant. Moreover, compared to those in stainless steel, the watch is more casual and easier to wear.

The lantern shape crown work looks very delicate. The perfect polished pattern adds just the right amount of friction making it comfortable and easier to use. Dark brown Genuine Leather strap, with the white stitching is more popular. With the painting of the brand, the screw-down watch back seems that it is a safe place to protect the movement.

Half-circle lug (the horse-shaped lugs) is only at the upper part of the watch. This asymmetrical lug is a feature of the series adding to the appeal of the watch.

Tips on the Beauty of Asymmetric
Broken arm of Venus

It is said that people can later restore the broken arms of Venus to the original, but they did not. Due to the beauty of the broken arm, people are truly aware of the ingenuity of this artwork. Just as Roland’s famous statue, when his friend visited his studio who only paid attention to and praised the hands of the statue. He resolutely broke the hands of statue and said, “The real beauty can’t let the eyes focus on only one point”. Incomplete, asymmetrical, perhaps the true meaning of art. Hermes is the brand that brings this beauty to the right point.

Now days, wearing a watch is not only a tool for watching time, but also a symbol of human taste and conservation. Different occasions and costumes must be matched with diverse styles of watches to show the grade. Recommend a brand quartz watch, the blogger believes that you will like it—Hermes Passe Passe rose gold lady’s quartz watch.

Round black dial with the gold pattern at the top and the H that is surrounded by the same tone ring at the bottom.

As the watch has a 32mm diameter small dial, so that the markers is only four gold dots, which seem simple and fashion. But one coin has two sides. The less markers make it difficult for customers to have the right time if necessary. The carved pattern seems classic and unique. Rose gold bezel is engraved with the unique grain at the inner circle.

The diamond icon at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock looks very chic. And the PARIS and HERMES at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock is more beautiful. The flat rose gold crown with the coin grain at the right side as the other normal type of watches.

The bracelet is made of the black smooth leather, and the two-band design adds a sense of charm to the wrist. Ardillon Buckle is made of polished stainless steel reflecting a safe and noble feeling.

Compared to chronograph watches, the quartz watches are more durable, convenient, precise and rich in style. What’s more, the price is much lower than the mechanical watch.

Tips about quartz watch
Quartz watch advantages:
1.The second hand of the quartz watch is a one-hop jump. It is very accurate when walking. Generally, the mistake of the watch is within 15 seconds in a month. There are double types: two needles and three needles.
2.The integrated circuit is used in the movement. As the structure is much simpler than the mechanical movement, so the combination is smart.
3.Easily to use. This watch doesn’t need to wind up. And a battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. However, some quartz watches use lithium batteries, and the service life can reach 7-8 years.
4.Quartz watches are relatively cheaper than mechanical watches (the same brand and the same style). However, some high-end brand quartz watches are expensive because of their good reputation and good appearance (18K gold, diamond or precious metal).

Insufficient quartz watch:(In addition, the blogger did not find other deficiencies)
1.The watch needs to replace the battery regularly (however, the blogger thinks that it doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage).
2.The appearance is heavier than the quartz watch (but it depends on the brand), and some brands of manual mechanical watches are also very thin for the unique technique.

Relatively speaking, almost everyone wants a gentleman’s watch that suits you. However, in the face of a variety of watch styles, I believe many people can’t start. Today, blogger shares a gentleman’s watch based on herself experience: Hermes REF 035721WW00 Carre H knockoff watch. Though it is clone, the experience of it never lose when combining with the real watch.
White gold is quite simple and clean, very in line with the temperament of urban workers.
Leather is softer and more suitable for the body, providing consumers with convenient use.
White gold stick markers stay in a special way at the black dial. The logo and the hands in the same color. And there is a small dial at the bottom. The whole dial seems simple.
36mm diameter black square dial is more clam than other shape watch. And it is quite fit for gentlemen or businessmen that can enhance the charm to themselves. No matter where you are, this watch always be your good friends.
And the special grain at the center square add the mystery to the watch.
Under the light, Sapphire crystal reflects into a royal blue watch mirror, in another words, it seems like blue stone which is very charming.
Engraved with H, the polished white gold crown offers a wonderful touching.
The thickness is 10mm. Maybe it is a little thick, but it is still under the affordable range.
Covered with the leather, the thin half-circle silver lugs is a unique key to combine the case with the strap well. White gold matching with the black leather is the symbol of businessmen.
Black genuine leather with the white stitching that has the striking contrast seems more gentle and noble. The inner side of the strap is brown suede that feels soft and skin-friendly.
With the Ardillon Buckle, the strap is more suitable to the wrist and it might be very safe.
The shape of Screw-down silver watch back is square. And the half-hollow case back that is made of Swiss 316L Steel can reflect the function of the movement.
Asian Mechanical is well-made and wear-resistant, what is more important is the low price. Maybe it is also for this reason, it has a large market share and is welcomed by consumers. Generally speaking, with the quality level of Japanese Miyota, this watch can offer the same operation of the function as the real one, which makes the customer feel comfortable.
Using experience of the blogger
Sometime, buying a watch is just a way to enjoy yourselves. So the appearance might be the first factor but not the only. The quality is also the significant reason. For the blogger herself, the unique design is the key factor that the power of purchase.

Just like the Hermes slogan says: as a life story. The Hermes Heure H series is a watch that uses letters to tell the story of time. The Heure H series, which was born in 1996 under the auspices of designer Philippe Mouquet, which is the permanent mark of Hermes.
This replic Hermes watch that has the same appearance and quality,Follow the brand’s footsteps and win the consumer. Rectangle watch seems business and simple. Arabic markers with the sword shape hands is a perfect job that matches the white dial can offer a clear view for the time.
With square stainless steel as the frame, the silver-plated design is novel and elegant. While the white dial has a sunray texture as a decoration giving off a low-key and elegant temperament. Hermes logo and swiss made below the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. 26mm diameter dial is a good size for daily use.
As we all know that “H” is the brand symbol of Hermes. So that every watch is decorated with this iconic letter. This knockoff watch with H shape bezel is very polished. The onion-type crown stays quiet on the right side adding power to the entire watch. 7 mm in thichness,  the silver screwed case back is made of Swiss 316L Steel. And there engraved with the painter of the brand and the model number of the Hermes.
Straight lugs make the silver bezel extend well to the sides. The brown Genuine Leather strap with white stitching is more elegant. The inside of the leather strap is the logo of the brand. This fake watch has varieties of different color straps, when plus a convenient and compact interchangeable wristband design allowing the wearer to change the appropriate strap according to different dresses and different occasions.
The deployment buckle is designed to be lightweight and easy to wear. It use Quartz (No Chrono) movement which is convenient, which don’t have to operate the watch frequently. As this clone watch that has high-technique level of Japanese Miyota, so you can have one without worried about the quality.
It is worth mentioning that Heure H also has a maverick style that is not subject to standards. The case design is bold and yet enjoyable. The eye-catching Heure H watch is a perfect blend of rigor, style and craftsmanship. This is a beauty full of contradictions.
The watch comes with eight color straps to choose from, all of which show the quietness of black and white. You can replace the strap with your mood, thoughts or wishes, and you have two choices: a single-lap strap or a Hermes classic double-lap strap redesigned by Martin Margiela.

When mention to Hermes (hermes is also the ancient Greek name for Mercury), I believe that most people will mention its bags, clothing, scarves, perfumes or jewelry. The diversified brand image has also expanded its scope. Hermes is also involved in the field of watches continuing the brand’s extraordinary excellence, which extremely sleek design concept creating a traditional example of elegance. Then let’s take a look at the Hermes brand watch – a gorgeous watch like fashionable.
Some models of Hermès are known for their asymmetrical design. This replica black dial watch is one of quite unique works.
Watch appreciation
Twelve Arabic numerals with different directions like a swirl of swirls giving the dial a distinctive character showing the impression that it is chasing time. The inner ring also has a circular time scale to make the time clearer. This watch is the basic model in the time pause series and does not have a pause time feature. When it adopts 41mm diameter design, stainless steel case, white disc design or willow-shaped pointer, which are simple and stylish. A small calendar window at 6 o’clock also adds some useful features to the watch. The letters on the dial are logo of the brand seems simple and modern.
The pull-tab lugs connect the upper part of the genuine leather strap, while the lower part of the strap is directly attached to the bezel. And the asymmetrical lug design adds to the fun and style of the watch. The onion-shaped silver crown makes it easy to adjust the time. Black genuine leather strap with the same color stitching is elegant and refined. With the deployment buckle, this watch is great for business people.
The screwed case back is strong enough to protect the internal movement. At the center of the case back is the painter of this brand. And there are still have the models of watches. Therefore, fashion brand watches are not exclusive to those who wear beautiful women watches and fashion men watches can also be very good. This replica Hermes Arceau watch with the Swiss ETA 2836-2 movement that has the top quality and it can make the watch works well. Engraved with the logo of the brand, the buckle seems more luxury.
Bloger Reviews:
For the Hermès brand, the blogger still feels that its fashion or accessories may be better than watches. The understanding of the watch may be not perfect. And the popularity of the watch is not very high. From the watches of the same price, Hermes is a little inferior. After all, fashionable dress is the brand’s main product. Of course, the quality and design of Hermès watches is absolutely no problem. If you just want to buy a fashion watch, Hermes is a good choice. However, if the accuracy and functionality of the watch are extremely high, then buy a professional watch.