1. 25 October 2012

    webr 2.0 Our latest update is now out on the App Store!!

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    Our entire team has been working day in – day out for the past few weeks trying to put the final touches on this much awaited feature packed update and we are glad to say that we have just released our latest update, webr 2.0!

    With this update we have introduced nearly a 100 theme variations, video and audio features, link dropbox feature for easy access to your files and a bunch of more new features, so you can create more professional websites than ever before.

    Webr 2.0 is now available in the iTunes store. For our existing users please check the updates on your device, for those who are new to webr please click on the link below to download it from iTunes:


    All the features in our new update have been developed based on your feedback.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • Add video clips to your site
    • Add audio clips to your site
    • Add image and text files straight from Dropbox
    • Upload an image for your website logo
    • New themes and filters
    • RSS feed for your blog
    • Option to remove the webr logo
    • New app theme
    • Create a personal profile in your blog
    • Now optimized for the new iPhone5
    • Shortcut keys on the keyboard for efficient markdown text
    • In addition to this, Pro members now can have 3 websites on their account and Business members can have up to 5.

    So get your app updated today and hope you’ll love the new features, it's all a part of our ongoing commitment to constant improvement! 

    We just like to take this moment to thank all our fans who have been with us every step of the way in reaching this milestone cheap rolex replica. Your constant feedback and inspiring emails, tweets, FB messages have kept us motivated through this journey!

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