1. 07 November 2012

    Webr 2.0 - Now offering 96 theme possibilities!

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    webr 2.0 our latest update now offers 96 theme possibilities to all our users.

    Here's how this works;

    The app offers 12 layouts and each layout has 8 filters, all you have to do is, select a layout and apply a filter to it. You can apply 8 different filters to any layout you select and this works the same cheap cartier replica way with all 12 layouts (i.e 12 x 8 = 96 theme possibilities)

    On the example above we have selected Layout #3 and have applied Filter #2. The next screenshot displays the result of that combination.

    Furthermore we will also be adding new themes to our gallery on a regular basis. Follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates and other news. 

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