1. 21 November 2012

    Win a brand new 32GB 5th Gen iPod Touch worth US$299 OR one of 50 webr 'Business' accounts!!

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    This Christmas we are giving away a brand new 32GB 5th Gen iPod Touch worth US$299 as our grand prize to one lucky winner and US$1000 worth of webr Business packages for 50 lucky winners. To be a part of this all you have to do is “Like & Share” us on Facebook or “Follow & Tweet” us on Twitter. Or, do both and double your chances of winning!

    Anyone who follows us on Twitter or likes us on Facebook gets entered in to this competition. If you’re already a fan or a follower, you can tweet the promo text or share it on Facebook to get extra chances. Winners will be selected by random drawings from all eligible entries received and will be announced via Twitter and Facebook on Christmas Eve.

    Winners will be selected by random drawings from all eligible entries received and will be announced via Twitter and Facebook on Christmas Eve.

    Celebrate this Christmas with webr The first iOS App that let you create and publish full blown websites straight from your iPhone or your iPod Touch!!

  2. 07 November 2012

    Webr 2.0 - Now offering 96 theme possibilities!

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    webr 2.0 our latest update now offers 96 theme possibilities to all our users.

    Here's how this works;

    The app offers 12 layouts and each layout has 8 filters, all you have to do is, select a layout and apply a filter to it. You can apply 8 different filters to any layout you select and this works the same cheap cartier replica way with all 12 layouts (i.e 12 x 8 = 96 theme possibilities)

    On the example above we have selected Layout #3 and have applied Filter #2. The next screenshot displays the result of that combination.

    Furthermore we will also be adding new themes to our gallery on a regular basis. Follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates and other news. 

  3. 25 October 2012

    webr 2.0 Our latest update is now out on the App Store!!

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    Our entire team has been working day in – day out for the past few weeks trying to put the final touches on this much awaited feature packed update and we are glad to say that we have just released our latest update, webr 2.0!

    With this update we have introduced nearly a 100 theme variations, video and audio features, link dropbox feature for easy access to your files and a bunch of more new features, so you can create more professional websites than ever before.

    Webr 2.0 is now available in the iTunes store. For our existing users please check the updates on your device, for those who are new to webr please click on the link below to download it from iTunes:


    All the features in our new update have been developed based on your feedback.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • Add video clips to your site
    • Add audio clips to your site
    • Add image and text files straight from Dropbox
    • Upload an image for your website logo
    • New themes and filters
    • RSS feed for your blog
    • Option to remove the webr logo
    • New app theme
    • Create a personal profile in your blog
    • Now optimized for the new iPhone5
    • Shortcut keys on the keyboard for efficient markdown text
    • In addition to this, Pro members now can have 3 websites on their account and Business members can have up to 5.

    So get your app updated today and hope you’ll love the new features, it's all a part of our ongoing commitment to constant improvement! 

    We just like to take this moment to thank all our fans who have been with us every step of the way in reaching this milestone cheap rolex replica. Your constant feedback and inspiring emails, tweets, FB messages have kept us motivated through this journey!

  4. 08 August 2012

    How to make your website Search Engine friendly

    Once you have created a website, the next step is getting it noticed by search engines. A website, as soon as it’s created may not get indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There is also no set time for search engines to initially index your site. The time taken may vary based upon various factors such as;

    * Richness of the content

    * Use popular keywords

    * Site structure and etc...

    Even if a website fits into this criteria in some cases, it may take longer as there is no set time frame for this.

    However webr users have been given more control over their websites, than just creating and publishing it. ‘Meta Data & Analytics’ feature on the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu will give you the opportunity to enhance your sites visibility to search engines

    Advanced Settings -> Meta Data & Analytics -> Meta Title

    The Meta Title is the HTML code that specifies the title of a certain web page. It appears at the top left corner of your browser when you visit a web page.
    The Meta Title is used by directories, web resources and other webmasters and site owners when they link to your page. If you have a concise and catchy Meta Title that really sums up your site's topic, your site will more readily be reviewed and favored by these sources.
    When you create a website using webr, automatically your websites Meta Title will be created in the following format “Name of your site cheap replica watches followed by the page name”. However you can choose to enter a title here that best describes your site, for ex: your site’s name could be your name, but the site could be about your passion for photography, as a result you could enter ‘Photography’ as you Meta Title which best describes what your site is about.

    Advanced Settings -> Meta Data & Analytics -> Meta description

    Meta Descriptions, which are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages, are commonly used by search engines on search result pages to display preview snippets for a given page.

    Here you could give a brief description about your site including as many related keywords as you can. Although you are supposed to use keywords, this should not be just a collection of keywords. It should be a sensible paragraph with keywords, using just keywords will result in your site being blacklisted on search engines.

    Advanced Settings -> Meta Data & Analytics -> Meta Keywords

    When it comes to adding Meta Keywords, start by going through the content of your website and make a list of the most important terms used on the site. Then read through the list and pick the 10 or 15 terms that most accurately describe the content.

    Meta Keywords are not a major factor when it comes to getting your site ranked by search engines. For ex: Google doesn’t look for Meta Keywords when they are ranking a site, but many other major search engines still do. However you should not completely ignore Meta Keywords.

    Meta Keywords should be entered in the following format;

    “Keyword” “Comma” “Space” “The next Keyword”

    Using Markdown add titles to your links

    Instead of just adding links to your site, using markdown to add titles to those links, which describes the link will help you get your site better ranked by search engines

    This could be done using HTML as follows; example

    Now the same could be achieved by using Markdown on the webr app. Markdown code as follows; [example](http://url.com/ "Title")

    These are a few methods that will help you get your site a better ranking on search engines.
  5. 11 June 2012

    Why webr?

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    Whether you are away on holiday in another country or out shopping or whether you are just at home, you can use webr to update an existing website or to create a whole new one. webr is portable, so wherever your iPhone goes, webr goes. This app is very easy to use and its simple step by step instructions will guide anyone, to create their own website. The most important thing about webr is that it creates websites with multiple pages and these could be Image pages, Text Pages, Blog entries or a combination of all three. This app is capable of letting rolex replica you create and maintain a simple blog page or a complete website, depending on your need.