Replica Hermes Arceau Series Watch with Semi-Maltese Lugs


When refer to the Hermès, people will think of its fashion, bags or jewelry. Although these items are very popular, I still prefer the watch of the family. Looking at the watches stuffed full with a drawer, I felt pitifully for myself in three seconds. While no way, as long as I saw a beautiful watch that I can’t move myself one strap any more.

This is a heritage watch. The classic elements of the inheritor brand: semi-Maltese lugs, the brand icon dial, and the polished round bezel are the different flash designs of Hermes series watches. Therefore, this watch can also be regarded as a summary of the various styles of the brand, which owns all kinds of classic elements of Hermes.

The Culture Evolution Belongs to The Brand
Hermès is a world-famous luxury brand with a history of more than 170 years that was originally founded in Paris by Thierry HERMèS (1801–1878).
Thierry’s grandson, the company’s third-generation head, Emile-Maurice HERMèS is heading towards a more slanting business. The watch was launched in 1927.
And all the design, manufacture and sale of all products are planned by the internal planning of the company, which they do it in one hand and not in another. Perhaps it is because of the superb excellence and the most splendid design concept, which has created a traditional example of brand elegance.

The Display of Watch Detail
Using internal pressure technology and covering the hollowed-out engraved pattern on the same-sized dial of the same color, the watch is very layered. The round dial with white mother-of-pearl is engraved with the original logo of the brand.

This replica watch does not have a detailed minute markers ring. And the outermost circle is the hourly scale, and it is quite simple. With the same pressure technique, the printed circular scale of three dimensional effect on the dial is modern. The center dial is completely occupied by the pattern of brand, and there is no decoration other than the black brand logo — HERMES PARIS and SWISS MADE.

The pointer in willow shape is very conspicuous. It is worth mentioning that this replica watch has no second hand. Perhaps for some watch collectors there will be some regrets. However, this also maintains the integrity of the watch dial to a certain extent, which is simple and stylish. The crown is pumpkin shape and the raised design in the middle make the crown more stereoscopic.

Semi-Maltese lugs extend line of case to the strap, making the watch more sleek overall. Through the skeleton screw down case back, the function of ASIAN Mechanical movement is demonstrated well.

In general speaking, crocodile leather straps are popular. In addition to comfort experience, the lines are also beautiful.