replica Tiffany® Setting


Tiffany is famous for diamonds and silver jewelry all over the world. It never caters to trendy fashion, on the contrary, it manipulates fashion and taste fully. Tiffany & Co has taken original masterpieces as its essence since it was established by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837.

In 1886, Tiffany&Co launched the world’s most iconic engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting, and the collection has been growing up and expanded since then. The six-prong setting is absolutely the most reputable and famous design, and it allows the brilliant diamond to stand above the brand and into the light. The setting design sets off diamond extremely, making brilliant rays reflect in different ways. This ring made the whole world find its charm with originality and minimalism. After that, the six-prong setting became the international standard of engagement ring setting soon. To 1887, Tiffany&Co acquired a great number of royal jewels from the French Royals. Tiffany&Co could be comparable with European jewelers at the end of the 19th century. Its founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany was called “the King of Diamond” by media of America. It has built its status in high jewelry industry since then.

The Tiffany® Setting diamond ring has a long history of more than 130 years, but it’s the most iconic engagement ring. Why six-prong setting? Four-prong setting can lift a diamond firmly. We get the reason by comparing six-prong setting and four-prong setting. The diamond lifted above the six-prong setting looks bigger and solid. The setting lifts not only a diamond but a unique vow, so the ring can witness your love and happiness. No girl can resist its temptation, and any of girls wants to own such one. It’s just a necessity for celebrities and rich men, but it’s a luxury item for ordinary people. In my opinion, forever diamond is forever love, it’s just a cheating advertising way. If you like the Tiffany® Setting diamond ring, a replica version is a good option for ordinary girls.

925 sterling silver ring with a white gemstone reaches the professional and best quality. The same design and exterior look satisfy your demands for the original edition. Thanks for well-polished treatment and refine materials, the replica Tiffany diamond engagement ring romantic and royal charm. It also stands for forever between you and your husband, as long as it’s enough that your love is true.